Kate & Kurt from Bravo’s Restaurant

Live with Kate & Kurt


Episode #8 of Live with Kate & Kurt was filmed from Bravo’s Restaurant on West Main St in Stafford Springs. They served us a meat lover’s pizza, rattle snake pasta, Philly cheese steak sandwiches, and four different kinds of cake, and let me tell you it was incredible. Thanks again to Chris, Elisha, and the gang at Bravo’s for their hospitality. We give a high school spring sports wrap up, summerfest info, youth football info, and much more! Join us tomorrow night at Village Pizza on 81 Main St in downtown Stafford tomorrow night for 50 cent wings, $2 Bud/Bud Light bottles, and $5 Hurricanes made famous in New Orleans. Whoever eats the most hot wings will get $25 gift cert to Village, and I will be down there with the camera taking photos. Check out the video below and goto mystaffordsprings.com for all the local news and events.


Superbowl XLV edition of Coach Vail’s click-your-picks

Coach Vail and son Noah


Well with the conclusion of Superbowl XLV on Sunday, so comes this conclusion of the first season of Coach Vail’s click-your-picks. It’s been an interesting ride. It started off slow but I think the videos got better every week, links to all the videos are in the right side bar. Watch week 7 and then watch the Superbowl video, and see the difference.

I want to take this time to thank every business that allowed us to film at their establishments and sponsored gift certificates. Rockville Vintage Lanes, Express Wireless, Shark Cycle, Yellow Brick Road Antiques, H & H Outdoor Accents, Village Pizza, Body by Design Fitness Center, Bosco’s Market and DeliJudy’s Country Store, Basil’s Restaurant, The Hive Catering Truck, Hairlarious Salon, Stafford Mechanical, Randazzo’s Package Store, and Inspiration Station. If you would like your business to be involved in future videos and promotions please call Kurt Vail at (860)458-9366.

This week’s click your pick is going to be different. You have to pick the final score! Whoever comes the closet wins $20 gift certicate to Rockville Lanes, $15 gift certificate to Yellow Brick Road Antiques, $10 gift card to Express Wireless, 1 free tanning at Body by Design, a 16 inch grinder at Bosco’s, and three autographed Patriot pictures (Steve Grogan, Mosi Tatupu, and Steve Nelson). How awesome is that! Also, anyone who picks the MVP wins a $10 gift card to Express Wireless! Click here Coach Vail’s click-your-picks and win this great prize.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all the people of Stafford who have participated in click your picks, and all those who have followed it. We will continue to do videos in the community but with a different theme in mind, so please stay tuned. Next season will be exciting. Please subscribe to my blog to keep updated. Also goto myStaffordSprings.com to follow everything Stafford, it’s a great site, you have to check it out. Watch the video below, and again thank you to everyone who was involved and those of you that followed Paradiso Insurance Coach Vail’s click-your-picks.

Coach Vail’s Click-Your-Pick Week 17

The last week of the NFL season concludes this weekend, but we will continue the click-your-picks contest through the NFL playoffs and of course Superbowl XLV. Congrats to last weeks’ winners Nick, Garth, and Mark, I’m sure they will enjoy the food at Village Pizza Restaurant  just like we did. This week’s video was shot live from Body by Design. Check out the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dz3wdtuBnck. Please do your picks this week as the prizes for first and second place are one month free membership at  Body by Design Fitness Center and third place is 2 free tanning sessions. Others will receive $20 gift certificates to Rockville Vintage Lanes. Please do your picks this week, it’s fun and you can win these wonderful prizes for free, go to http://www.paradisoinsurance.com/click-your-pick/. Don’t forget to check out the Paradiso Insurance Restaurant Review  later this week from Basil’s Restaurant in Stafford. I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas and have a great and a safe New Year’s Eve, if you have too much to drink and need a ride give me a call (860)458-9366. Happy New Year. 2011 is going to be a great year


Football week 16 live from Village Pizza

We had a blast this week with George and Vivian and all the others from Village Pizza shooting our week 16 video for Coach Vail’s click-your-picks. Congrats to last weeks winners: 3rd place Susan L. won a $20 gift certificate to Rockville Vintage Lanes, 2nd place Melanie V. won a $20 gift certificate to Shark Cycle, and 1st place Lance Young won a $20 gift certificate to Yellow Brick Road Antiques! This week we did a restaurant review of Village to kick off our new Paradiso Insurance Restaurant Reviews. Please take the time to vote on where you want us to go next in my blog “Paradiso Insurance Restaurant Reviews” or goto paradisoinsuranceblog.com. This week’s prize is 1st place $20 gift cert to Village, 2nd place large cheese pizza 3rd $20 gift certificate to Rockville Vintage Lanes. DO YOUR PICKS and be one of next weeks lucky winners! http://www.paradisoinsurance.com/click-your-pick/. Thank You and Happy Holidays from “Coach” Vail and all the staff here at Paradiso Insurance.

Paradiso Insurance Restaurant Reviews

Starting next week the staff here at Paradiso Insurance are going to start going out into the community to do reviews of local restaurants and try to help generate some potential consumers for them. We filmed this week’s addition of Coach Vail’s click your picks from Village Pizza on Main St in Stafford Springs(located where the old Arizona Restaurant was). Vivian and George were gracious enough to let us film from there this week and get us started with our new restaurant segments. Check out this video, it’s a good one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-SChJC2Tgw. The food was fantastic as you can see in the video. What we wanted to do for next week is let you decide where we go next, so we created a poll of four local restaurants. Make your choice and follow the results then make sure to tune in each week to get a review of one of our fine local eateries. You can also vote again at paradisoinsuranceblo.com