Kate & Kurt #33

This week’s episode is dedicated to Tocka for his upcoming 65th birthday, Happy Birthday Tocka. Dance Break with Hillary was as crazy and entertaining as ever. We were adding a new prank call segment this week as requested by someone who watches the show, which we did and it was quite entertaining, but then they got cold feet and chickened out on letting us air the call. So we had to take that part out and there is no real theme to this show. You should watch anyways because there is a lot of news including an All-State football player and some local events. Check it out.


Kate & Kurt Poll and New Logo

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Kate & Kurt Dancing and Cows

Kate & Kurt in the Yurt

This week’s Kate & Kurt show brought us to Chestnut Hill Nursery on Rt 190 in Stafford, CT. What an amazing assortment of flowers, plants, pumpkins, animals and much, much more. Kate meets and feeds her long lost cousin Moo Moo, Tocka does the weather, Hillary shows us her moves, and of course all the local Stafford news. It’s a great show, watch it below. There is also a challenge out to all local musicians to write us a Kate & Kurt theme song.

Kate & Kurt @ Sun Valley


Another week has passed and another edition of Live with Kate & Kurt is in the books. We had a blast filming this week from Sun Valley Beach Club in West Stafford. It is a short edition but it’s action-packed and full of info.  Watch the video below to see if Kate gets stung by an angry bee or if she can actually talk me into going down the huge waterslide in my suit. We missed Tocka this week, and our thoughts and prayers are with him and the Hipsky and Champaign families during this very difficult time. On next week’s edtion we will have Tocka’s weather report and add a new segment, “Local sports with Truck”.  Thank you also to Noah Vail for his excellent camera work.

Kate & Kurt Episode 12 (Field Hockey Camp)

A great show this week filmed at the Stafford Middle School during the WCU field hockey clinic. My daughter Hannah, who just turned 12 on July 23rd, is attending and having a great experience. It’s just another one of the many programs available in this wonderful little New England town that we call home. Get the weather for the rest of the week with Tocka and also find out who’s birthday is in the coming week. Goto myStaffordSprings for all the latest Stafford news and events and watch the Kate & Kurt below.

Kate & Kurt Episode 10

Kate and I filmed the Live with Kate & Kurt show from Bravo’s Restaurant again this week to help promote their Lobster Luau taking place July 14, July 15, and July 16 after 4pm. We also have a special appearance by Mrs. Niewinski and of course Tocka with the weather and birthdays. Also, read the blog below this one or go to mystaffordsprings.com to see the interview with Stafford’s MMA fighter Matt Bessette. Watch the video below for all the Stafford news, weather, and information as well as some more great lunch entrees from Bravo’s.

Live with Kate & Kurt #9

Live with Kate & Kurt was back on familar ground this week at the Middle Ground Cafe in beautiful downtown Stafford Springs. We added a new segment to the show, Stafford Weather with Tocka (Leonard Champaign), you gotta see, we have our very own Al Roker. It’s a great show check it out below.