Kate & Kurt from Clubhouse Cafe

This week’s edition of the Kate & Kurt Show brings us to the Clubhouse Cafe at Sun Valley Beach Club, where we ate the most amazing wings. We, also, hit a few golf balls from the Ellington Golf Center to practice up for the golf challenge that we have coming up. Tocka tells us about the great weather in the forecast and Hillary is back with her best moves to date. Sun Valley is hosting many cool events including a fishing derby on April 14, 2012, where you could actually win a Harley from TSI Harley Davidson. Stop by TSI to get your tickets, they are $20 each. Happy birthday to Mrs. Niewinski and many more. Check it out below and make sure to keep an eye out for next week’s show which will be done game show style from Aubuchon Hardware.


Kate & Kurt @ Sun Valley


Another week has passed and another edition of Live with Kate & Kurt is in the books. We had a blast filming this week from Sun Valley Beach Club in West Stafford. It is a short edition but it’s action-packed and full of info.  Watch the video below to see if Kate gets stung by an angry bee or if she can actually talk me into going down the huge waterslide in my suit. We missed Tocka this week, and our thoughts and prayers are with him and the Hipsky and Champaign families during this very difficult time. On next week’s edtion we will have Tocka’s weather report and add a new segment, “Local sports with Truck”.  Thank you also to Noah Vail for his excellent camera work.

Vivian Celebrates Her 1st Birthday

Viv's 1st birthday cake

Last weekend we celebrated my daughter Vivian’s first birthday at the Sun Valley Beach Restaurant. Her mother put on a great party, and a great time was had by all. The food was great and Vivian devoured her first peice of birthday cake.

It’s hard to believe a year has past already, the time flies and she grows so fast. She’s walking all over the place and she says a few words. My favorite is when she says “Dada”. She has been saying it since January, here’s a video I took of her from my phone after she said it the first time. Thank you to all our friends and family that are a part of Vivian’s life.