Kate & Kurt #33

This week’s episode is dedicated to Tocka for his upcoming 65th birthday, Happy Birthday Tocka. Dance Break with Hillary was as crazy and entertaining as ever. We were adding a new prank call segment this week as requested by someone who watches the show, which we did and it was quite entertaining, but then they got cold feet and chickened out on letting us air the call. So we had to take that part out and there is no real theme to this show. You should watch anyways because there is a lot of news including an All-State football player and some local events. Check it out.


Kate & Kurt episode #7 from Village Pizza

This week’s Live with Kate & Kurt show was taped at Village Pizza on 81 Main St. Next Thursday June 23, 2011, Village will be having 50 cent wings, $2 Bud & Bud Light bottles, and $5 Hurricanes. Whoever eats the most hot wings will win a $25 gift certificate to Village Pizza, I will be there taking photos for the Kate & Kurt show, see you down there. Watch the video below to see us eat hot wings, talk about all the news in Stafford, and get big trucks to blow their horns. Next week’s show will be filmed from Bravos Pizza on West Main St. in Stafford. Goto myStaffordSprings.com for all the local news!

Click your Picks Playoffs Week 2

Superbowl 45

Thank you again to Bosco from Bosco’s Market and Deli for allowing us to shoot our video there last week, I hope you took advantage of the free coffee last friday. This week’s video was shot on location from The Witt School where I tried out the sledding hill, click the video below and check it out. Congrats to Jamie for winning a large grinder at Bosco’s for winning last week. Please fill out your picks this week for Coach Vail’s click your picks and let me know who you think is going to win the Superbowl.

Stafford Winterfest Parade

Stafford Winterfest 2010

Kudos to the people who put together yesterday’s Winterfest Parade in Stafford. I only found out about it yesterday at 1:00pm or I would have promoted it big time. It was the embodiment of what small town New England is all about. I had no idea it would be as big as it was either. There were floats, some with talented young local bands like Riptide, animals, local businesses, Harleys, the Stafford High marching band, and of course, everybody’s favorite, the awesome Stafford Fire Department fire trucks. We were fortunite enough to get down there in time to get some great photos and video. My colleague, the talented young Kate Pisciotta, did an amazing job putting this video together, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPEQDrszu8g. Please watch it, it really captures what the holidays are all about. We are going to become more involved in what is going on in this wonderful town of ours’ and will keep you posted on upcoming local events. If the video puts you even more in the holiday spirit check out my blog “The Season of Giving” to see how you can do something to help people in the community during Christmastime. We are going to plan a special day of sledding, when the weather permits, at the Witt school in the very near future so stay posted. If you would like to, please subscribe to my blog and stayed updated. Also please tune in to the Paradiso Insurance blog. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my friends and family and everyone in this great community!