Kate & Kurt 2011 The Year in Review

Kate & Kurt 2011

Well as 2011 comes to an end I just want to say thank you to everyone that contributed to the Kate & Kurt show. I never thought it would last this long, but I look forward to 2012 as the show is going to keep improving. I would like to thank Chris Paradiso for making this all possible but I would especially like to thank my very special friend, Kate Pisciotta who dedicates countless hours every week to filming, editing, and coming up with ideas for the show and maintaining the MyStaffordSprings website anf Facebook pages. Check out the amazing video below that she put together highlighting our shows from 2011. Enjoy and we’ll see you next year!


Kate & Kurt Glenville Edition

This week’s show had Kate and I hiking through the woods with Dr. Dutton on Furnace Avenue near Glenville pond. We got a great history lesson and got drenched in the process. More Stafford trivia, the weather with Tocka, Dance Break with Hillary, and all your local news. Also, a shout out to my friend Craig Jabobsen and his wife Lisa on the 20th wedding anniversary. Check it out below.

Live with Kate and Kurt 5/11/2011

Check out myStaffordSprings contributors Kate Pisciotta and Kurt Vail(me) with help from Paul McNerney of Studio Photos, and Darcy Ulitsch and Jen Mangold, live from the Middle Ground Cafe on Main St. in Stafford. We discuss sports, local news, events, and other items going on in our town and had fun doing it. Watch the video below and remember to get involved.

March Madness updated

Standings as of 3/21/11 @12:15:

                                    Points              Wins

  1. Gina/Joe            46                      36
  2. Mark E               45                      34
  3. Greg T                43                      33
  4. Brian V              43                      35
  5. Sarah D              43                      34
  6. MJ                       43                      33
  7. Mark N               42                      34
  8. Tuffy                   42                      32
  9. Roger                  42                     33
  10. Tony                    42                     34
  11. Bim                      42                      33
  12. Marty                 41                       32
  13. Gina/AJ             40                      30
  14. David M              40                     32
  15. Dennis M            40                     31
  16. John W               40                      32
  17. John P                 40                     31
  18. Danny                  39                     31
  19. Mike M                39                     30
  20. Boomer               39                     32
  21. Luv                       39                     31
  22. Lou G                   38                     29
  23. Heidi T                38                     30
  24. Kurt                      37                    29
  25. Bev                       36                     30
  26. Les G                    36                     28
  27. Paul M                 35                     28
  28. Gus T                   35                     30
  29. Darlene               34                     26
  30. Lance                   33                     27
  31. Miguel                 33                     26

Local Driver Video

Michael Bennett #64

I threw together a quick video featuring our local Stafford Springs drivers. Check it out, see if you know anyone.

2010 Late Model Champion

Remember racing is an expensive sport, if you are a

2010 Cory Casagrande

business owner please consider sponsoring one of these guys, it’s a great way to be involved and you get awesome advertising to boot. Don’t forget to get your tickets to the Spring Sizzler at Stafford Speedway April 29th through May 1st. And if you would like to save money on your auto insurance call my cell @ (860)458-9366 or at the Paradiso Insurance office @ (860)684-5270. Watch out for next week’s video and survey.

Inside Line with Kurt Vail week 3

Jeff Gordon winner in Phoenix

Congrats to Stafford’s own Charles Lewandoski, the Polish Rocket, for an impressive 21st place finish in Phoenix last weekend. Stay abreast of all of Chalew’s racing stats here on my blog as we follow his career in the Nationwide series. Congratulations to my daughter Hannah who filled out the survey last week and was the only one to pick the winner, Jeff Gordon. Fill out the survey this week and win a gift certificate to Express Wireless and Rockville Lanes, hit this link now—>Vegas Race Poll .

This week Rick Casagrande was gracious enough to invite me up to Casagrande Motorsports to check out there new Limited Late Model car that will be racing at Stafford Motor Speedway this season. I caught up with Cory Casagrande while I was up there and he answered a few questions for me. I also stopped by Bosco’s Market & Deli to get a sponsor’s perspective on things. Local business owners should seriously consider sponsoring a local driver here in Stafford. Please watch the video below and hit this link and tell me who’s going to win this weekend—–> Vegas Race Poll .

Life Insurance



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