Kate & Kurt Shark Cycle


Kate and I had the privilege of shooting our show from Shark Cycle in downtown Stafford Springs on Thursday. Their selection of new and used recreational vehicles is endless! Check out the video below. There is a lot of town news, many birthdays, and even our attempt at the Harlem Shake. We are orchestrating a huge Town of Stafford Harlem Shake around the rotary downtown. Stay tuned and check us out on Facebook for all the details —-> LIVE with Kate & Kurt. While your there like the page. See you next week.


The Stafford Palace Theater

The Stafford Palace Theater

The Stafford Palace Theater

A few Fridays ago, Mallery and I, from the Kate & Kurt show, were invited to The Stafford Palace Theater in beautiful and revitalized downtown Stafford Springs. We took in a show and talked to theater manager Nick Zemek. Check out the video below of our interview with Nick and reaction from some locals about the Dr. Dirty comedy show that we saw that night. It was hilarious but we can’t show any footage because Dr. Dirty’s (John Valby) material is a tad bit on the vulgar side.

The great part about the Palace is that they have an wide variety of shows. You can find something that you already enjoy or venture out to try new types of entertainment. They have have every type of music genre, magic, comedy, films, hypnotism, musicals, plays, burlesque, and much more. Here’s a list of some upcoming shows:

Tonight 1/31 grammy nominated Sixpence None the Richer

Tomorrow night 2/1 The Amazing Kreskin

2/7 Red Molly

2/23 Max Creek

3/2 Girls Night, The Musical two shows 5pm and 8pm

3/9 American Idol runner-up Crystal Bowersox

These just highlight a full slate of shows in February and March. For more info check out The Stafford Palace Theater at http://www.thestaffordpalacetheater.com/ or on Facebook by clicking this link —> Palace Theater. I’d like to thank David Bacchiochi for inviting us in and for bringing back a historic Stafford treasure.

Kate & Kurt from Clubhouse Cafe

This week’s edition of the Kate & Kurt Show brings us to the Clubhouse Cafe at Sun Valley Beach Club, where we ate the most amazing wings. We, also, hit a few golf balls from the Ellington Golf Center to practice up for the golf challenge that we have coming up. Tocka tells us about the great weather in the forecast and Hillary is back with her best moves to date. Sun Valley is hosting many cool events including a fishing derby on April 14, 2012, where you could actually win a Harley from TSI Harley Davidson. Stop by TSI to get your tickets, they are $20 each. Happy birthday to Mrs. Niewinski and many more. Check it out below and make sure to keep an eye out for next week’s show which will be done game show style from Aubuchon Hardware.

My Favorite Kate & Kurt Videos


Sorry, but Kate and I will not be shooting a video this week and more-than-likely not next week either. I thought I’d take this opportunity to show four of my favorite Kate & Kurt videos, check them out below. Also, I’d like to get your opinion, let us know which one you like the best, please fill out the poll. I personally would like to wish all my friends and family a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends.

Episode 3 Milltown Tavern

Episode 14 Rotary Rules

Episode 20 Kate & the Cow

Episode 29 Stafford Shopping Plaza Shops

Kate & Kurt Stafford Shopping Plaza

Tebowing with Hillary and Kate

Kate and I shot this week’s show from the Big Y Plaza in Stafford. It is nice to see some new retail businesses come to town. We stopped by all the shops, Aubuchon Hardware, Family Dollar, Peeble’s, Dave’s Pet City, Express Wireless, and Friedrich’s Jewelers. We were going to finish our show over some pizza from Big Y but the manager quickly came over and wouldn’t allow us to shoot any footage. Typical corporate bullshit, I guess they don’t need free publicity. So we went to the Stafford Food Center or the Co-op as us old-school Staffordites call it, where we were greeted with open arms! Also, Kate talked Hillary and I into climbing up on the roof of the post office and Tebowing. I guess in honor of  Tim Tebow that people are immitating his sideline ritual, so that is the picture at the top of this post. Dance Break with Hillary was done on the roof as well and her and Kate don’t do well with heights. This was my favorite show yet, check it out! Merry Christmas!

2011 Stafford Winterfest Parade

Kate & Kurt @ Winterfest 2011 w/ Frosty

Cindy Cable, Barbara Bresnahan, and all the members of the Stafford Community and Civic Affairs Commission did an amazing job putting together the Second Annual Winterfest Parade. Kate and I were privileged to announce the floats as they came down Main St on Sunday. We were able to capture some good photos and video clips that Kate put together in this wonderful video commemorated the day’s events. Check it out!

ClearPoint Center Challenge

Steve Munn

Last year Kate and I, as well as other staff at Paradiso Insurance, did an 11 day Isagenix challenge administered by Steve Munn of the ClearPoint Center right here on Route 19 in Stafford between Bosco’s Market and the Stafford Board of Education building. The results were great, Kate and I lost 11 pounds each, Chris Grant from CG Real Estate lost 13 pounds.Everyone in the office did great and felt refreshed. Starting on Monday 10/10/2011, we start a new 9 day challenge that’s available to all Kate & Kurt watchers for $100. Steve put together a special package just for us. Kate & I are going to join Steve and his lovely wife Shannon on a 14 day cleanse. Yes, there is a bet involved and I have to avenge her beating me last year. Please call my cell phone (860)458-9366 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            (860)458-9366      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or the office and ask for Kate or I (860)684-5270 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            (860)684-5270      end_of_the_skype_highlighting if you would like to join us. Tomorrow is the deadline (10/4/2011), so make sure to call right away. Check out a clip from last year’s challenge below.

Kate & Kurt Dancing and Cows

Kate & Kurt in the Yurt

This week’s Kate & Kurt show brought us to Chestnut Hill Nursery on Rt 190 in Stafford, CT. What an amazing assortment of flowers, plants, pumpkins, animals and much, much more. Kate meets and feeds her long lost cousin Moo Moo, Tocka does the weather, Hillary shows us her moves, and of course all the local Stafford news. It’s a great show, watch it below. There is also a challenge out to all local musicians to write us a Kate & Kurt theme song.