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Kate & Kurt, Early Snow Storm Aftermath

2011 Stafford Bulldogs B-Team Northern Division Champs


Sorry for getting this out so late but it’s better late than never. After a week off Kate and I were back at it. Tocka talks about the storm and power outages, Dance Break w Hillary is back, and we have a lot of local news. Thanks to Alex from Basil’s for letting us shoot our show from there! Check out the videos above, one is our Kate & Kurt Show and the other is Dr. Dutton’s history video from the Stafford St. Common. Congrats to the Stafford Bulldogs B-Team football team for winning the Northern Division for the first time in many years. I’m so proud to be a part of this! We need your support next Sunday @ 2pm in Tolland as we take on Colchester in the NCFL Superbowl.

Kate & Kurt Glenville Edition

This week’s show had Kate and I hiking through the woods with Dr. Dutton on Furnace Avenue near Glenville pond. We got a great history lesson and got drenched in the process. More Stafford trivia, the weather with Tocka, Dance Break with Hillary, and all your local news. Also, a shout out to my friend Craig Jabobsen and his wife Lisa on the 20th wedding anniversary. Check it out below.