Big East




Well, now that Boise St is out of the Big East, my previous post is obsolete. Time to go back to the drawing board. Now lets go back to making this a little bit more regional. It’s not going to be as sexy but something has to be done. Now, maybe the remaining teams will want to fight for that Big East name. I’m sure San Diego St will go back to the Mountain West Conference now as well, so let’s forget about moving more west.

By 2015 when Navy enters the Big East:

North Division

  1. Cincinnati
  2. UConn
  3. Navy
  4. Army
  5. Temple
  6. UMass
  7. Memphis

South Division

  1. USF
  2. UCF
  3. Houston
  4. SMU
  5. East Carolina
  6. Tulsa
  7. Tulane


That’s rough. Even I, the eternal optimist, am starting to lose faith a little. Mike Aresco, I wish you luck, I hope you do something amazing to keep this together.



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