Stafford Bulldogs 2012 NCFL Champions

2012 B-Team Champions

Noah Vail

Yesterday was a very special day for the Stafford Bulldogs Youth Football League. It marked the second year in a row that the Bulldogs B-Team won the NCFL Championship. Not only did the B-Team win, but the A-Team and C-Team both made it to the Northern Division Championship games. Not to mention, our D-Team had a great regular season and went 6 – 0 at the NCFL Jamboree!

Celebration after Jeff Kology’s(44) touchdown

I, personally, want to thank the parents of these young athletes for putting their faith in us to coach their children. It was on honor for myself and the other coaches to mold these amazing young men into a championship football team. They all put so much into it, they worked so hard, you all should be very proud. Thank you to the A/B cheerleaders who supported us all year.

I would also like to thank my fellow coaches, Steve Roy, Mike

Bear Stebbins

Lawson, Henry Engel, Kevin Slater for their hard-work and commitment and most of all, putting up with my craziness. A special thanks goes out to

Gang tackle

Head Coach Bob Grant who orchestrating a great season, especially in the playoffs. He always had my back. I look forward to working with all these men in the future.

Ian Welz amazing run for a touchdown

Pregame ritual

Lastly, I want to thank the wonderful young men who worked so hard and accomplished so much, I am extremely proud of all of you. We practiced outside in the cold when other teams didn’t. They never complained, they just worked harder. And the it paid off, our offense moved the ball consistently all game and our defense only gave up 2 first downs in the whole game!

Here’s our roster from the 2012 B-Team NCFL Champions:

  • 1 Julien Rivas

    Colton Engel (33) Wade Parker (11)

  • 9 Jason Poirier
  • 10 Andrew Napolitano
  • 11 Wade Parker
  • Jason Poirier with a sack

    15 “Bear” Stebbins

  • 17 Cody Gebo
  • 18 Cam Allen
  • 24 Noah Vail
  • 25 Sammy Lawson
  • 33 Colton Engel
  • 36 Ian Welz

    Jon Kopek (56) Tyler Gilbert (55)

  • 44 Jeff Kology
  • 48 Seth Dickson
  • 50 Brody Roy
  • 52 Colin Locklear
  • 54 Jeff Wilson
  • 55 Tyler Gilbert
  • 56 Jonathan Kopek
  • 57 Dominick Burgos
  • 58 Evan Gardner
  • 60 Jacob Sammon
  • 63 Jon Baker
  • 64 William Spellman
  • 67 Zach Lynch
  • Coach Grant’s post-game shower

    73 Connor Slater

  • 74 Tyler Campos
  • 76 Brandon Gardner
  • 78 Michael Sedor
  • 79 Albert Quintana
  • 81 Jordan Frey
  • 83 Isaiah Dickson
  • 85 Ethan Toney

    Noah Vail Tebowing after the game

  • 87 Trevor Chatelle
  • 88 Logan Kasper

Make sure to come see our float for this year’s Winterfest Parade through downtown Stafford on December 16th. Don’t miss it. If you want to see some great photos from the Championship game and other games, hit this link—>AJGPhotoGuy. For more info on Stafford Youth Football and Cheerleading hit this link—>Stafford Bulldogs Football. Here’s some more photos from our memorable day.


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