Kate & Kurt Exercise Balls & Snails

Gary, Snailford, & Kurt Snail

This might be the most entertaining show we’ve done. Poor Hillary sacrificed a lot for the entertainment of others. Kate made us do a “Jackass” type stunt and the results were brutal. We also got a tour of the Stafford Library by librarian Chris Franks. While we were there we got a glimpse of Kate and I in our high school yearbooks.  We missed Tocka this week, sorry guys, but he will be back next week with a vengeance.

Also, we started a new activity and it seems to be a hit. Pictured above and our three snails, Gary, Snailford, and Kurt Snail. We will be hiding them throughout Stafford and leaving clues as to where to find them. If you find them, you will receive recognition and a small prize package. We are in the process of having t-shirts made. Go to the LIVE with Kate & Kurt page on Facebook for details. Watch the video below, I promise you will be rewinding to see the hits again and again!


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