Kate & Kurt Stafford Shopping Plaza

Tebowing with Hillary and Kate

Kate and I shot this week’s show from the Big Y Plaza in Stafford. It is nice to see some new retail businesses come to town. We stopped by all the shops, Aubuchon Hardware, Family Dollar, Peeble’s, Dave’s Pet City, Express Wireless, and Friedrich’s Jewelers. We were going to finish our show over some pizza from Big Y but the manager quickly came over and wouldn’t allow us to shoot any footage. Typical corporate bullshit, I guess they don’t need free publicity. So we went to the Stafford Food Center or the Co-op as us old-school Staffordites call it, where we were greeted with open arms! Also, Kate talked Hillary and I into climbing up on the roof of the post office and Tebowing. I guess in honor of  Tim Tebow that people are immitating his sideline ritual, so that is the picture at the top of this post. Dance Break with Hillary was done on the roof as well and her and Kate don’t do well with heights. This was my favorite show yet, check it out! Merry Christmas!


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