Inside Line (Darlington)

Bobby Santos III

An exciting weekend of racing concluded with Bobby Santos III winning the 40th Annual Spring Sizzler at Stafford Motor Speedway last Sunday. It came down to the wire as he edged out #93 Rowan Pennick. Stafford’s Woody Pitkat finished with an impressive top-ten finish. Ryan Preece won the SK Modified feature and Keith Rocco (Kid Rock) won the Late Model race. Saturday’s winners were Joey Cipriano in the SK Light, George Nocera in the Limited Late Models, and young Kyle Casagrande of Stafford took home the Dare Stock trophy. Another Stafford resident had a very impressive showing as #09 Chris Matthews finished second in th SK feature with a very impressive pass of all-time great Ted Christopher. Look for him to have a great season.

Kyle Casagrande

It was beautiful weather and great racing. The action will pick up again this Friday as its the opening night for all five series. Tickets are $15 for adults and $5 for kids.

Last week there were 19 winners in ” Pick the Winners” contest, Kyle Casagrande not only won his race on Saturday but he was the only person to pick three winners last week. Congrats to all the winners. To see if you won be sure to watch the video below. It contains action from last weekend as well as picks from around Stafford.  


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