Any Commercial Ideas??

Geico has the gecko, All-State has Mayhem, Progressive has Flo (we use Progressive BTW), and so on and so forth. Insurance commercials are the best on TV, there are very entertaining. When you need service and have to call someone, do you think Flo or the guy with the blue phone is going to answer?…they’re not. That’s the advantage of being an Independent Insurance Agent. That being said, I want to come up with my own concept for advertising that is as entertaining, and do some fun youtube videos from around the area. So I am reaching out to you guys in the community to share with me any ideas you might have in this regard. So send to me your ideas and if I use them I will give you gift certificates to Rockville Lanes and Express Wireless as well as total credit and an opportunity to be in the video. Let’s do this! Call me @ (860)458-9366. Here was the first video I did with Paradiso last October.


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