Charles Lewandoski (Chalew) Interview

Charles Lewandoski


I was fortunate enough to get in touch with Stafford’s own Charles Lewandoski via cell phone today. He was gracious enough to answer a few questions for me. He will be driving for Nationwide series race team TriStar Motorsports. We will be following him throughout the year and monitoring his progress. It’s great to see one of our local kids get an opportunity to showcase his skills on a national level. Here’s what he had to say after I asked him a few questions. 

Me: “You have raced in 3 Nationwide series events in the past, how many races are on your schedule this year?”

Chalew: “There are 34 races in the Nationwide series and we have ten races scheduled but in racing everything changes by the hour.The team will be working hard every week so that we have the opportunity to race in more.”

Me: “What is your schedule like this week?”

Chalew: “We traveled all day today. Thursday is NASCAR tech day. Friday we have two practice sessions and Saturday morning (Pacific time) is qualifying. Saturday afternoon is the race. I will be spending a lot of time at the track with the team.”

Me: “At Phoenix, how fast will you be going when you hit top speed?”

Chalew: “It’s similar to New Hampshire, I would say about 150 mph, maybe a little faster. The average race speed is around 120 mph.”

Me: “What would you consider a successful week in Phoenix?”

Chalew: “We have great people and great cars but we are not a (Sprint) Cup affiliated team and they win a majority of the races. I’m looking to avoid trouble and keep the car in one piece. I haven’t spent regular time in a Nationwide car so the practice sessions on friday are very important. I’d be happy with a top 20 or top 25 finish.”

Me: “What would you like to say to the people of Stafford that will be rooting you on?”

Chalew: “Thanks for your support. Every car I drive has a state of Connecticut flag on it.”

I’d like to thank Charles again for taking time out his busy schedule to talk to me. Here’s the tv schedule for this weekend, make sure you tune in and give him your support.

Friday Feb 25 on Speed

1:00pm Nationwide practice    2:30pm Sprint Cup practice          

4:00pm Nationwide practice    6:00pm Sprint Cup practice

Saturday Feb 26 on Speed

2:00pm Nationwide Qualifying      3:30pm Sprint Cup Qualifying

on ESPN2

5:30pm Nationwide race    Basha’s Supermarket 200

Sunday Feb 27  on FOX

3:00 Sprint Cup race    Subway Fresh Fit 500

Don’t forget to do your picks this week!  hit this link and make your picks for Sunday’s race. Stay tuned for this week’s video and blog for “The Inside Line with Kurt Vail”.


2 thoughts on “Charles Lewandoski (Chalew) Interview

  1. Way to Go Charles – Your #1 Fans in Georgia will be rooting for you…For all the years you and your family supported the Brewer Racing Team…it’s now coming full circle. GOOD LUCK!!!

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