2011 Daytona 500 Challenge

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the tragic crash the killed legendary NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Sr. I’m sure they will be showing lots of old clips and pay tribute to him all day on Sunday. The Intimidator changed the sport and helped bring it to the level of popularity it is today.

This is our first addition of Coach Vail’s click-your-pick NASCAR and that name is bad so please fill out the survey, and give me a good suggestion for a title for this ongoing competition. Here’s the link—>2011 Daytona 500 <—– just click on that and it will bring you right to the quick survey. We will be doing this every week before every race so stay tuned. Also, once the local racing scene takes flight, we will be covering Stafford Speedway as well as sptolighting local drivers! Please check out our first NASCAR Sprint Cup video shot around Stafford, Woody Pitkat’s  father, Big Wood, was in it as well as an appearance of my very own mother. Make sure you watch it! Remember Basil’s Restaurant in Stafford will be having drink specials and half price appetizers during the race Sunday. Start Your Engines


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