Recently, Kate Pisciotta, and I, more Kate than me actually, took footage of the Winterfest Parade last month that went from Olympic field through main street and ended at the town hall. At the town hall there were Christmas carols sung by the Stafford High Madrigal singers and hot cocoa and cookies for everyone. The floats were great and of course everyone’s favorite the Stafford firetrucks were a big hit. You can check out the video below if you haven’t seen it already. The video has been a big hit, although a lot of people around town said they didn’t know about this event, I didn’t myself until I stumbled across the local youth band Riptide practicing before the parade. So Kate, Chris Paradiso, and myself thought that we could create a website to promote this wonderful town in which we live in, and that website is

The purpose of this website is to promote Stafford Springs and to keep people informed of everything that is going on locally: civic events, Stafford sports, high school and middle school musicals and plays, events at the youth center or the senior center. There is a huge art movement in Stafford, we want to showcase local artists. We also want to promote local businesses, we want people to buy in Stafford. We will spotlight local citizens.

Above all, we want your input. This is your website, let us know what’s going on out there, leave suggestions, be involved. Let’s make this community better together. Please go to now and subscribe to stay updated on everything Stafford. Thank you, Kurt.


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