My Kids

On July 23, 1999, my life changed forever! That’s the day my  daughter Hannah was born. She was so adorable, I couldn’t have envisioned anything so beautiful. Now she is 11 years old. She plays field hockey for Stafford Middle School, she also does several styles of dance at Dance Visions in Stafford. She gets great grades. She’s a little shy in public and she is very polite and a pleasure to have around for both me and her mother.

On  April 27, 2001, my only son, Noah was brought into this world. (get it?? Noah Vail!! to no avail, it wasn’t an accident). If I could have drawn up a blue print of what I wanted in a son, there would not one thing that I would change. He is confident, polite, energetic, helpful, and always happy. He plays football in the fall, wrestles during winter, and baseball in the spring. He is in the 4th grade at Stafford Elementary.

On November 15, 2005, Sarah Grace Vail came into our lives. She is energetic, funny, very smart, absolutely gorgeous, and is always giving her dad a run for his money! She plays soccer and also does several dances at Dance Visions. She loves spending time with her family especially “Grammy”, they are like two peas in a pod. She reminds me of Shirley Temple or the girl from the Coppertone ad. She makes her father very proud. Sarah attends kindergarten at the West Stafford School.

On March 25, 2010 the beautiful Vivian Vail (don’t google it!!) graced us with her presence. If you have ever seen my facebook page then you have seen pictures of Viv. She is the face of “Simply Sweatpeas by Suzanne” and mom is always taking pictures of her number one model. She is a happy baby the is the pride and joy of not only her parents but also her 6 older brothers and sisters! She is tiny but she is so advanced, she gets into everything! She is also the center of attention where ever she goes. Both Mom and Dad are blessed to have her in  our lives.

 I also have 3 other great kids that are part of my life: Bradley, Kathryn, and Ashley! I just wanted to give people a small synopsis of what pride I have in my children. I am honored and privileged to have them in my life! To my kids..I love you very much and will always be proud of you. I would like to thank the women that made that possible as well for being great moms. If you take the time to read this…thank you. Here’s a video that they made as well.


3 thoughts on “My Kids

  1. You are a wonderful dad, man, and cousin..I’m proud of you also your children are great because of the people they emulate daily.

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