Isagenix Challenge

Starting next Tuesday all the staff of the Paradiso Insurance Agency will be starting an 11 day challenge, sponsored by Steve Munn of the Clearpoint Center in Stafford and Body by Design fitness(check out the video on the right of this page), in which we’ll being doing an Isagenix challenge. Steve will measure us up on Monday and we begin on Tuesday. There will be on ongoing documentary within the office that will be posted on here and on the Paradiso Insurance blog!! Tune in to watch the trials and tribulations of the staff and ultimately watching me win the challenge!! Watch how it works for us, if you would like to get more information about Isagenix call Steve at (860)684-3994. For more info on what specials are running at Body by Design call Suzanne at (860)684-6311. Hit the link below do watch the first installment of the documentary, and please vote on the poll below as well as to who you think is going to win. Please vote for some of the other contestants…they’ll need your support!!!


2 thoughts on “Isagenix Challenge

  1. its a dog eat dog world……however the puppy dogs are going make this EASY for everybody! ALL will be winners cause HEALTH is the ONLY true and lasting WEALTH!!!!

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