Local Football this Weekend

Please be sure to support your local football teams this weekend!

 UConn plays host to Vanderbilt saturday @ 12:00 pm @ The Rent. This would be a big win for them against a BCS conference school. I predict :  UConn 27 Vandy 21.

Stafford High travels to Avon saturday night @ 6:30pm. The young Bulldogs will try to rebound from last weeks loss to Enfield, but have a tough task ahead them as Avon is considered one of the best teams in the state. Upset time!!

Stafford Youth Football will host Putnam this sunday. D-Team 9am  C-Team 11am  A-Team 1pm  B-Team 3pm. I will be announcing the games this weekend as “The Voice” has a previous engagement.  D-Team, C-Team, and B-Team are all undefeated(3-0) and look to keep it that way! A-Team will try to rebound from two heart-breaking losses in a row. Go Dawgs!!


2 thoughts on “Local Football this Weekend

  1. This is also homecoming weekend for the Huskies. It’s pretty much a must win considering their schedule gets a lot tougher after this weekend. I will be there tomorrow.


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